How can we help you?

Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions that come in to KRY's support

How does KRY work?

Doctor visits on your smartphone or tablet.

With KRY you can get help with pains and symptoms that are possible to diagnose without a physical examination, where you as a patient can meet a doctor through video calls on your smartphone or tablet. Read more about how KRY works here.

See the symptoms and inconveniences we can help with here.

To book a meeting you need a Swedish personal number. First you log in with BankID, fill in a symptom form and then a doctor will call you at the appointed time. If the doctor consider that you are in need of medicine or further care, you will receive a prescription or referral. Our doctors can write medical certificates on condition that no need for physical examination is required for the certificate. It is up to each individual doctor to make an individual assessment of you as a patient.



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