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Can I get help with urinary infections via KRY?

If you are a woman and suspect that you have a urinary tract infection, we can help you with treatment in KRY, in cases where the doctor considers it to be an uncomplicated urinary tract infection (eg non-pregnant and non-frequent recurring discomfort). Our physicians can diagnose and print appropriate treatment through video calls. This then an uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women usually does not require sampling for diagnosis.

Children and men with symptoms of urinary infection must be examined with sampling and sometimes additional investigations to determine the cause of the infection. Therefore, at KRY, we can not help but refer to the healthcare center for this.
KRY complies with guidelines developed by the Swedish Medicines Agency, in collaboration with the RAF (Reference Group for Antibiotics) and STRAMA (Strategy Group for Rational Antibiotics Use and Reduced Antibody Resistance).

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