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Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions that come in to Krys support

Can Kry help with depression and anxiety?

You can contact Kry if you suspect that you are depressed or have experienced  symptoms of depression for two weeks or longer. When suffering from depression it is important to seek care as quick as possible. Treatment is often easier and has a shorter process if started in time.

Through Kry, you can meet both doctors and psychologists via video calls. Our psychologists can help you to better understand your problems as well as give you advice and support on how to deal with things that today feel difficult. The amount of conversations you have with your psychologist may vary. Sometimes single or a of couple meetings will be enough, and sometimes you may need multiple meetings.

Our doctors can help with diagnosis, examination any other causes of symptoms, drug treatment (e.g. antidepressants, anxiolytics or sleep promotion), and shorter sick leaves (maximum 14 days of sick leave from the first day of illness). We cannot write medical certificates back in time (retroactive) but only from the day you contact us. 

At Kry, our doctors and psychologists work close together to ensure that you get the best care possible based on your needs.



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