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Can Kry help with borrelia and tick bites?

If you discover a small, dark, spider-like insect that sticks to your skin, it is probably a tick. Ticks should be removed as quick as possible as a few can carry infections.

For example, ticks can carry Borrelia, which is an infectious disease. Borrelia infections are caused by bacteria and occur mainly between May and December.

The classic skin reaction when affected by Borrelia occurs approximately 1-4 weeks after the bite. Usually, the impact measures more than 5 cm in diameter and slowly increases in size. In the immediate vicinity of the bite a reaction may occur that shouldn't be mistaken with Borrelia. This usually heals within 1 week.

You're welcome to book a meeting with a us for advice and possible treatment for Borrelia infection. Before your meeting starts, you have the opportunity to fill out a symptom form. To this form you can attach pictures. 

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