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How do lab tests work?

If your doctor has referred you for a lab test, you'll receive information in the KRY inbox detailing which laboratories you can visit. In some cases you may get your referral to the same inbox, in which case you'll need to print the referral and take it to the laboratory.

When your sample has been analysed, you'll be notified via the inbox in KRY. We'll let you know if you have a prescription waiting, the test results and whether you need to book a follow up or not. If there's need for a follow up, we'll include a link for you to do so.  

The price for your follow up is the same as for your first visit. If you have a high cost protection card the revisit meeting will be free of charge. When confirming the meeting, there is an option for you to click “Pay with Free Card” where you can enter your "high cost protection card number.”







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