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Registering with a healthcare clinic – what does it mean?

You can choose to register at a healthcare clinic, sometimes referred to as “att lista sig” in Swedish. This means you have a main healthcare centre that can handle all your primary healthcare needs. It is free to register and you do not have to be registered anywhere.

As a registered patient at a specific healthcare clinic, you always have the right to seek care at any healthcare clinic in Sweden. You should always seek care first at your registered healthcare clinic. 

You can only be registered at one healthcare clinic. If you decide to register with Kry, you will be automatically deregistered from any healthcare clinic you are currently registered at. If you are currently in a queue to register at another healthcare clinic, you will lose your place in this queue.

You can change your healthcare clinic at any time. If a healthcare clinic has a full list, they can not register more patients. This means that you might have to queue if you want to change back to your old healthcare clinic.

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