Sleeping disorders

  • Can Kry help with sleeping disorder?

    Sleep disorders are one of the most common problems we help out with. Download our app Kry from App Store or Google Play for diagnosis and treatment today.

Depression, anxiety, psychologist

  • Can Kry help with depression and anxiety?

    You can contact Kry if you suspect that you are depressed or have experienced  symptoms of depression for two weeks or longer. When suffering from depression it is important to seek care as quick as possible. Treatment is often easier and has a shorter process if started in time.

    Through Kry, you can meet both doctors and psychologists via video calls. Our psychologists can help you to better understand your problems as well as give you advice and support on how to deal with things that today feel difficult. The amount of conversations you have with your psychologist may vary. Sometimes single or a of couple meetings will be enough, and sometimes you may need multiple meetings.

    Our doctors can help with diagnosis, examination any other causes of symptoms, drug treatment (e.g. antidepressants, anxiolytics or sleep promotion), and shorter sick leaves (maximum 14 days of sick leave from the first day of illness). We cannot write medical certificates back in time (retroactive) but only from the day you contact us. 

    At Kry, our doctors and psychologists work close together to ensure that you get the best care possible based on your needs.



  • Can I get help to meet a psychologist via Kry?


    Our doctors can write a referral to a psychologist via a video meeting, just like a doctor at a traditional health center. It is up to each individual doctor's assessment of the patient what is appropriate in your case.

Throat, allergy and asthma

  • Can Kry prescribe for sore throat, cough or tonsillitis?


    The guidelines that we follow about tonsillitis are developed by the Swedish Medicines Agency, in collaboration with the RAF (Reference Group for Antibiotics) and STRAMA (Strategy Group for Rational Antibiotics Use and Reduced Antibiotics Resistance).

  • Can Kry help with allergies?

    In a video meeting  we can help you with most forms of allergy. We can find the right treatment and prescribe appropriate medication when needed.

    In the Kry app under the Home tab, you will find our "Order Prescription Renewal" service. There you can ask for a prescription renewal without making a video call. 

    The condition for renewing a prescription is that the current medicine is included on the list of your prescriptions retrieved for the past 15 months. It’s important to be aware of that your rights for prescription renewal always is determined on individual basis, after assessment by the attending doctor. The doctor also assesses the amount of medicin that can be prescribed and if multiple withdrawal of the medicin is possible.

    Medicines for acute treatment, such as antibiotics, require a video meeting with one of our doctors at Kry and cannot be renewed by the "Prescription Renewal" feature in our app. Many medicines also require regular follow-up, hence we can only renew prescriptions for a shorter period of consumption. 


  • Can Kry help with asthma?

    If you have previously known mild asthma you can apply for care at Kry. Through a video meeting we can help you find the factors that trigger your asthma. With this knowledge, we can then find and prescribe the best medicines to treat your asthma.

    You can also get answers to questions about asthma and allergy.


  • Can Kry help with psoriasis?

    It is appropriate to contact Kry regarding your psoriasis if:

    • You are out of medication you have been prescribed for your psoriasis
    • You find that the medicine you have been prescribed doesn't help
    • Psoriasis prevents you in your everyday life

    Difficult skin psoriasis and joint psoriasis should be physically examined.

  • Can Kry help out with facial rash?

    Due to many different reasons of facial rash, it is important to establish what kind of rash you have. With Kry, you can get help with diagnosis and treatment through a video call. We can also, if necessary, prescribe medication or write a referral to another healthcare provider.

  • Can Kry help with chickenpox?

    Children with chickenpox usually do not require any treatment. The disease usually heals by itself within 10 days from the first symptom. Sometimes medication, such as Tavegyl, can be prescribed to help soothe the itching. For adults and adolescents treatment is recommended, but it must commence early in the course of the disease.

  • Can Kry help out with eczema?

    Via a video meeting with us at Kry, you can get help with what might have triggered your eczema. We can provide information on different treatment options and advise you on how to effectively avoid being affected again. If non-prescription medicines have not been effective, we are able to prescribe other medicines that can give better results.

  • Can Kry help out with acne problems?

    You can seek care at Kry if you have problems with acne.

    Contact with Kry regarding your acne is appropriate if:

    • You are out of medication that you have been prescribed for your acne
    • You find that medicines you have been prescribed do not help
    • Acne prevents you in your everyday life
    • Severe acne and infected rash should be physically investigated.

    Before your meeting starts, you have the opportunity to fill out a symptom form. To this form you can attach pictures of your acne. Assuming that you take a good picture, there is a good chance that you can get help through Kry. Our doctors at Kry can also write referrals to specialists given that they consider that the referral is medically motivated. It is up to each individual doctor to make an assessment of what is appropriate for each patient.

  • Can Kry help with borrelia and tick bites?

    If you discover a small, dark, spider-like insect that sticks to your skin, it is probably a tick. Ticks should be removed as quick as possible as a few can carry infections.

    For example, ticks can carry Borrelia, which is an infectious disease. Borrelia infections are caused by bacteria and occur mainly between May and December.

    The classic skin reaction when affected by Borrelia occurs approximately 1-4 weeks after the bite. Usually, the impact measures more than 5 cm in diameter and slowly increases in size. In the immediate vicinity of the bite a reaction may occur that shouldn't be mistaken with Borrelia. This usually heals within 1 week.

    You're welcome to book a meeting with a us for advice and possible treatment for Borrelia infection. Before your meeting starts, you have the opportunity to fill out a symptom form. To this form you can attach pictures. 

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Nausea and vomiting?

  • Can Kry help with nausea and vomiting?

    There could be various reasons of why you're feeling nauseous or vomiting. It is not a diseases, but a reactions of other things. Nausea is the body's way of telling you something isn't right while vomiting is the body's defense mechanism for getting rid of toxins. Nausea and vomiting may depend on:

    • Food poisoning
    • Gastric ulcer
    • Motion sickness
    • Medication
    • Reactions to different smells or flavors
    • Infections
    • Emotional stress
    • Alcohol
    • Pregnancy

    Kry can offer a video meeting that can help you find the cause of your nausea and vomiting. Contact with Kry is appropriate if: 

    • You have been vomiting for more than 12 hours
    • You have been nauseous for more than 12 hours
    • You show signs of fluid shortage
    • You have felt nauseous for a longer period of time and might be pregnant

     Long-term symptoms may depend on a more serious disease and should be examined physically. You should immediately seek medical advice if you have: 

    • Hit your head
    • Have a stiff neck and heavy headache
    • Blood in your vomit
    • Strong stomach ache
    • High fever (39.5 °)
    • Diarrhea
    • High heart rate and breathing difficulties

Contraceptive, urinary tract infection, erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted diseases

  • Can Kry help with erection problems?

    Most men will suffer from erection problems at sometime during their lifes. Not getting erection occasional is normal and affects most men of all ages.

    Erection problems could be mentally stressful. In some cases, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of other disease such as cardiovascular disease.  

    A video meeting Kry is appropriate if you wish to:

    • Get help finding the cause of erection problems
    • Get help in finding the right treatment and get medicine if needed
    • Get a referral to a psychologist as this is considered the best treatment
    • Get information and advice

    Welcome to book a meeting with us at Kry for advice and possible treatment.

  • Can I get help with urinary infections via Kry?

    If you are a woman and suspect that you have a urinary infection you can get help with treatment via Kry. This if the doctor considers it to be an uncomplicated urinary infection (e.g. non-pregnant and non-frequent recurring discomfort). Our doctors can diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment through video calls. Uncomplicated urinary infection does usually not require sampling for diagnosis.

    Children and men with symptoms of urinary infection must be examined with sampling and sometimes additional examination to determine the cause of the infection. Therefore we refer you to a physical healthcare provider for this. Kry offers physical care in Stockholm, Lund, Malmö and Nyköping.

    Kry complies with guidelines developed by the Swedish Medicines Agency, in collaboration with the RAF (Reference Group for Antibiotics) and STRAMA (Strategy Group for Rational Antibiotics Use and Reduced Antibody Resistance).

  • Can Kry prescribe birth control pills and contraceptives?

    Provided that you have had this treatment before and that it worked well a doctor at Kry can do a prescription renewal for contraception. However, note that approximately every year, contact with the physical care for control of blood pressure is recommended. We can only do a renewal for maximum 3 months of consumption.

    In the Kry app under the Home tab, you will find our "Order Prescription Renewal" service. There you can ask for a prescription renewal without making a video call. 


  • Can Kry prescribe medicine for herpes?

    Herpes around the mouth is caused by a virus which is very common. Herpes can cause cold sores. You can also have the virus in your body without getting any mouth ulcers. Herpes usually passes by itself within a week and usually requires no treatment. There are prescription antiviral creams and patches that you can use on the mouth ulcer. If you have severe herpes disease or are susceptible to infection, you may have antiviral medicines on prescription.


  • Can Kry help with back pain?

    Yes. At Kry you can, through a video meeting , get help to find out what might cause your back pain. You can get advice on how to handle the problems and also get a referral if necessary.

    Back pain is a common inconvenience experienced by many people during periods. Fortunately, the pain is rarely due to a serious disease. However, the suffering should not affect your life and should be taken care of.

    You may experience that you get very tired and that you are finding it hard to hold the upper part of your body. You may also feel a sharp back pain and have difficulty stretching completely. The pain in the back can also radiate along the groin and out in both legs.

    One of the most common causes of back pain is that you've made a fast and erroneous movement. Too much stress can also cause back pain. An incorrect movement may occur, for example, in sports where you rotate more than you should. Too much strain on the back may result from lifting heavy things using your back, instead of using your legs, also called lumbago. Weakness in the back can also be caused by a sluggish body position and that some muscles do not get the right training.

    The best thing to do if you are in pain is to move carefully. Take slow walks in comfortable shoes and stretch your back muscles properly. Avoid sitting down as much as possible. Rest does not make your back better, your muscles need to be activated. Painkillers can help in the worst moments if the pain is overwhelming. A physiotherapist, naprapath or chiropractor can advise you on which treatment method is best for your type of pain.

    When should I seek care?

    Seek care if the back pain does not pass within 1-2 weeks.
    If you have back pain and also have other symptoms in combination with the pain you should seek medical advise immediately.
    Do not hesitate to contact a doctor immediately if the pain occurs while you have any of the following symptoms as this may indicate something more serious. A back-related accident or a fall should also be followed up with a doctors visits. 

    • Fever
    • Stomach pain
    • If you do not feel when you need too micturate
    • Numbness of the legs or abdomen
    • If you are getting treatment for cancer   

Eyes and ears

  • Can Kry help with eye inflammation or eye problems?

    Ocular inflammation usually passes by itself after a few days as long as you keep your eyes clean, are careful with hand hygiene and change towels often. It is uncommon with complications. However, sometimes the inflammation might not go away and you may require treatment with antibiotics.

    Download Kry on your smartphone for advice and possible treatment for eye inflammation.

  • Can Kry help with ear infections or ear problems?

    With Kry you can get help with pains and symptoms that are possible to diagnose without physical examination. Here you can meet a doctor through video calls on your smartphone or tablet.

    Since ear infections and ear problems usually require physical examination, we refer you to a physical health center. Kry have physical health centers in Stockholm, Lund, Malmö and Nyköping.