• Which symptoms can KRY help with?

    KRY can be used for ailments and symptoms that do not require a physical examination for diagnosis. Not all health problems are well-suited for diagnosis and treatment in a virtual setting, and it is therefore important that you consult the list of symptoms our doctors can help you with before booking an appointment.

    For the symptoms that are represented in our list, however, our doctors provide the same healthcare services they would in a physical clinic. This means that, if your doctor deems it necessary, you will be given a prescription for medication or referral to a specialist.

  • Is KRY a suitable healthcare provider for all medical problems?

    No, KRY is not a suitable healthcare provider if: 

    • You have a symptom / disorder that requires physical examination, some type of sampling or x-ray
    • You are in need of drug-based drugs. These are not prescribed via KRY.
    • You are in need of medicines containing pregabalin (Lyrica) or gabapentin (Neurontin)
    • You want to start treatment that requires long-term and regular medical contact
    • You are in need of a sick leave that may last for a long time. KRY does not make sick leave longer than 14 days. The 14 days count from the first sick day, ie you have already been home for a week, KRY can maximally help you with 7 days sick leave.

    In case of emergency, call 112 and visit an emergency room.

    The laboratory tests we can offer today are blood samples and patient-related tests, such as throat tests. KRY can offer sampling in the following counties: Stockholm, Uppsala, Södermanland, Örebro and Västra Götaland. We are working on to offer this service throughout Sweden in the near future.

  • Can I use KRY abroad or in different Swedish locations?

    Yes. As long as you have a BankID, a computer or other devise with good internet connection and a functioning camera, microphone and speaker, you can consult your doctor in Sweden via KRY from anywhere in the world.

    Keep in mind that the recipes our doctors issue can only be retrieved in Sweden.

  • Can I book a meeting on behalf of my child?

    Yes. To book an appointment for your child, log in to the KRY app by signing up with your own BankID and then choosing whether to book a drop-in time or time-booking. Then you get the question "for whom you want to book the time" and then you will have to choose "My Child".

    Children who are 16 years old can legitimise themselves with BankID at KRY.

    Children must be present during the appointment, just like any other appointment at a physical healthcare center.