• Can Kry help with erection problems?

    Most men will suffer from erection problems at sometime during their lifes. Not getting erection occasional is normal and affects most men of all ages.

    Erection problems could be mentally stressful. In some cases, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of other disease such as cardiovascular disease.  

    A video meeting Kry is appropriate if you wish to:

    • Get help finding the cause of erection problems
    • Get help in finding the right treatment and get medicine if needed
    • Get a referral to a psychologist as this is considered the best treatment
    • Get information and advice

    Welcome to book a meeting with us at Kry for advice and possible treatment.

  • Can I get help with urinary infections via Kry?

    If you are a woman and suspect that you have a urinary infection you can get help with treatment via Kry. This if the doctor considers it to be an uncomplicated urinary infection (e.g. non-pregnant and non-frequent recurring discomfort). Our doctors can diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment through video calls. Uncomplicated urinary infection does usually not require sampling for diagnosis.

    Children and men with symptoms of urinary infection must be examined with sampling and sometimes additional examination to determine the cause of the infection. Therefore we refer you to a physical healthcare provider for this. Kry offers physical care in Stockholm, Lund, Malmö and Nyköping.

    Kry complies with guidelines developed by the Swedish Medicines Agency, in collaboration with the RAF (Reference Group for Antibiotics) and STRAMA (Strategy Group for Rational Antibiotics Use and Reduced Antibody Resistance).

  • Can Kry prescribe birth control pills and contraceptives?

    Provided that you have had this treatment before and that it worked well a doctor at Kry can do a prescription renewal for contraception. However, note that approximately every year, contact with the physical care for control of blood pressure is recommended. We can only do a renewal for maximum 3 months of consumption.

    In the Kry app under the Home tab, you will find our "Order Prescription Renewal" service. There you can ask for a prescription renewal without making a video call. 


  • Can Kry prescribe medicine for herpes?

    Herpes around the mouth is caused by a virus which is very common. Herpes can cause cold sores. You can also have the virus in your body without getting any mouth ulcers. Herpes usually passes by itself within a week and usually requires no treatment. There are prescription antiviral creams and patches that you can use on the mouth ulcer. If you have severe herpes disease or are susceptible to infection, you may have antiviral medicines on prescription.