• Can KRY prescribe for sore throat, cough or tonsillitis?

    Our doctors can not prescibe antibiotics or other medicines that require samples to diagnose, except in the Stockholm area.

    Tonsillitis, is a disease where it is usually necessary to take a sample from the throat to prescribe antibiotics. We currently have the opportunity to offer sampling in the Stockholm area. We are working to offer this service throughout Sweden as soon as possible.

    KRY can offer laboratory tests in the following counties: Stockholm, Uppsala, Södermanland, Örebro and Västra Götaland.

    The guidelines that we follow about tonsillitis are developed by the Swedish Medicines Agency, in collaboration with the RAF (Reference Group for Antibiotics) and STRAMA (Strategy Group for Rational Antibiotics Use and Reduced Antibiotics Resistance).

  • Can KRY help with allergy?

    In a video meeting with one of our doctors we can help you with most forms of allergy. We can find the right treatment and prescribe appropriate medication when needed.

    In the KRY app by the Home tab, you will find our "Order presciption renewal" service. There you can request a recipe renewal without having meeting through video. This costs 150 SEK (high cost protection card does not apply).

    The prerequisites for renewing a prescription are that the current medicine is included in the list of your prescription recipes during the past 15 months. We can not renew medicines for acute treatment (such as antibiotics) as this requires the assessment of a doctor before each treatment. When renewing prescriptions for medicines that require regular monitoring (eg blood pressure medicine), we can only renew for a maximum of 3 months of consumption.

  • Can KRY help with asthma?

    If you have previously known mild asthma, you can apply for care at KRY. Through a video meeting with one of our doctors, we can help you find the factors that trigger your asthma. With this knowledge, we can then find and print the best medicines to treat your asthma.

    You can also get answers to general questions about asthma and allergy.