• Can Kry help with back pain?

    Yes. At Kry you can, through a video meeting , get help to find out what might cause your back pain. You can get advice on how to handle the problems and also get a referral if necessary.

    Back pain is a common inconvenience experienced by many people during periods. Fortunately, the pain is rarely due to a serious disease. However, the suffering should not affect your life and should be taken care of.

    You may experience that you get very tired and that you are finding it hard to hold the upper part of your body. You may also feel a sharp back pain and have difficulty stretching completely. The pain in the back can also radiate along the groin and out in both legs.

    One of the most common causes of back pain is that you've made a fast and erroneous movement. Too much stress can also cause back pain. An incorrect movement may occur, for example, in sports where you rotate more than you should. Too much strain on the back may result from lifting heavy things using your back, instead of using your legs, also called lumbago. Weakness in the back can also be caused by a sluggish body position and that some muscles do not get the right training.

    The best thing to do if you are in pain is to move carefully. Take slow walks in comfortable shoes and stretch your back muscles properly. Avoid sitting down as much as possible. Rest does not make your back better, your muscles need to be activated. Painkillers can help in the worst moments if the pain is overwhelming. A physiotherapist, naprapath or chiropractor can advise you on which treatment method is best for your type of pain.

    When should I seek care?

    Seek care if the back pain does not pass within 1-2 weeks.
    If you have back pain and also have other symptoms in combination with the pain you should seek medical advise immediately.
    Do not hesitate to contact a doctor immediately if the pain occurs while you have any of the following symptoms as this may indicate something more serious. A back-related accident or a fall should also be followed up with a doctors visits. 

    • Fever
    • Stomach pain
    • If you do not feel when you need too micturate
    • Numbness of the legs or abdomen
    • If you are getting treatment for cancer