How can we help you?

Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions that come in to Krys support

Can I get a referral from Kry?

Yes. If your doctor considers that you are in need of further care you will be referred to a specialist, just like a regular healthcare centre. However, there are some referrals we cannot do by video because you will need to have a physical examination. These are: 

  • X-rays (all kinds)
  • gastroscopies and colonoscopies
  • ultrasound
  • genetic inquiries

In these cases, we will refer you to our healthcare clinics.

The specialist will send you an appointment

You’ll get a referral letter from the specialist, usually by post to your registered address. It will have information about your appointment. 

You should get an appointment within 90 days

According to the Swedish healthcare guarantee (vårdgaranti), you must be given an appointment within 90 days if the referral is accepted. In the Stockholm region, the healthcare guarantee is 30 days. The specialist who receives the referral will assess your medical need for care, which will determine how long you will have to wait for your appointment. Contact us if you have not received an appointment within 90 days (30 days in the Stockholm region).