About Kry

About Kry

  • How does Kry work?

    At Kry, we work to be able to offer all patients equal access to high-quality care - regardless of who you are, where you live or what time of day it is. Our licensed doctors, psychologists and nurses help you in the app around the clock and at our health centers around the country.

  • How do I log in and out of the Kry app?

    Log in:

    1. Download the Kry app on your mobile device from either App Store or Google Play.
    2. Click Sign in and identify yourself with your Mobile BankID.
    3. If it's your first time using the app you need to register yourself as a user by entering a phone number and email address and accept the Terms of Service

    Keep in mind that you can only use your own Mobile BankID in order to use the app for yourself or your child who doesn't have a Mobile BankID. It is not possible to book a meeting for someone else since Kry requires that every patient can identify themselves through Mobile BankID.

    Log out:

    1. Enter the My profile tab at the bottom right of the Kry app.
    2. Click on the gear and choose Log out.

  • Registering with a healthcare centre – what does it mean?

    You can choose to register at a healthcare centre, sometimes referred to as “att lista sig” in Swedish. This means you have a main healthcare centre that can handle all your primary healthcare needs. It is free to register and you do not have to be registered anywhere.

    As a registered patient at a specific healthcare centre, you always have the right to seek care at any healthcare centre in Sweden. You should always seek care first at your registered healthcare centre. 

    You can only be registered at one healthcare centre. If you decide to register with Kry, you will be automatically deregistered from any healthcare centre you are currently registered at. If you are currently in a queue to register at another healthcare centre, you will lose your place in this queue.

    You can change your healthcare centre at any time. If a healthcare centre has a full list, they can not register more patients. This means that you might have to queue if you want to change back to your old healthcare centre.

    Learn more about registering.

  • Who are the doctors, psychologists and nursers that work at Kry?

    At Kry you can come in contact with licensed medical doctors, psychologists and nursers. All of Kry's doctors have at least 6 months experience from physical primary care. Many of Kry’s doctors are also specialists within paediatrics, emergency medicine, and otolaryngology. All Kry’s medical staff are controlled by the health authorities.

  • Opening hours


    Kry is open 24 hours

    7 days a week

  • How is Kry different from the health advice and information service 1177?

    At Kry you can meet a doctor who can prescribe further treatment. A doctor's appointment at Kry is therefore equivalent to a regular doctor's appointment, provided that the condition can be diagnosed without physical examination.

    The health advice and information service 1177 is staffed by nurses who can provide healthcare related guidance, but who cannot prescribe further treatment. Kry therefore offers an alternative to a physical doctor's appointment by providing the possibility to meet a doctor quick and easily through an online video meeting.

When can Kry be used?

  • Is Kry a suitable healthcare provider for all medical problems?

    No, our digital service is not always a suitable healthcare provider if: 

    • You have a symptom / disorder that requires physical examination, some type of sampling or x-ray
    • You are in need of drug-based medicine. These are not prescribed via Kry.
    • You are in need of medicines containing pregabalin (Lyrica) or gabapentin (Neurontin)
    • You want to start treatment that requires long-term and regular medical contact
    • You are in need of a sick leave that may last for a long time. Kry cannot issue sick leaves longer than 14 days. The 14 days count from the first sick day, i.e. you have already been home for a week, Kry can maximally help you with 7 days sick leave.

    For cases above we recommend you to book a time and visit a physical Healthcare center.

    In case of emergency, call 112 and visit an emergency room.

    We have Healthcare centers in several places in Sweden. For more information about our Healthcare centers, follow this link.

  • Can I use Kry abroad or in different Swedish locations?

    Yes. As long as you have a BankID, a smartphone or tablet with good internet connection, a functioning camera, microphone and speaker, you can consult your doctor in Sweden via Kry from anywhere in the world.


  • Can I book a meeting on behalf of my child?

    Yes. To book an appointment for your child, log in to the Kry-app by signing up with your own BankID. Select either drop-in or select a time that suits you. You will now get the question "for whom you want to book the time", choose "My Child".

    Children who are 16 years old can identify themselves with BankID at Kry.

    Children must be present during the appointment, just like any other appointment at a physical healthcare center.

Cost and payment

  • When do I receive my invoice?

    You can pay for your care meeting with an invoice, via our partner Billogram. Your invoice is sent digitally via email and to your Kry inbox within a week after your care meeting, and then after 7 days by text message if you have not opened the invoice link by email. If we have not reached you via email / sms, your invoice will be sent by post to your address where you are registered.

  • Why did I receive an invoice from Billogram?

    Billogram is an invoicing service that we use to create and send invoices for appointments with a patient fee:

    • that remain unpaid
    • that a patient chooses to pay for by invoice


    The invoice is sent digitally – by SMS and to your Kry Inbox. If it’s not read within 48 hours, we send a paper invoice to your registered home address.

  • How can I pay my Billogram invoice?

    Billogram invoices can either be paid with Swish, direct bank transfer, or using OCR numbers like on a regular paper invoice.

  • I’ve paid too much on an invoice. What happens now?

    Sometimes, an incorrect amount may be paid. 


    This can happen:

    • when you reach your free card (frikort) limit
    • when an invoice has been paid for 2 times by mistake


    If this happens, please contact our support team. They will ask you for your bank account details and send you a manual refund of the amount you are owed.

  • I’ve found an error on an invoice that I have not paid yet. What should I do?

    Please contact our support team before paying. We will adjust the amount or credit the invoice to you.


  • Have I paid my Billogram invoice?

    You can always click on the link to the invoice in your Kry Inbox to see the payment status on your invoice.

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Kry Support

  • Contact information for Kry Support
    Our phone support is open weekdays between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Phone number: 08-22 77 07


  • Questions about or seeking medical advice

    Unfortunately, Kry support cannot provide general information about health, diseases or give medical advice.

    For medical questions and advice we recommend you to download the Kry app and book a meeting.

    See the full list of symptoms that Kry can help you with here.

  • Who should I contact for possbile complaints?

    If you are not satisfied with the care you received or are dissatisfied with the response, we would like you to share your views. Turn to us directly at Kry, by calling to Kry Support, so that we can help you in the best possible way.

    Kry Support is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, closed on holidays. 
    Phone number: 08-22 77 07

    The care at Kry is governed by the same regulations as all healthcare providers in Sweden. As a result, you can also, as usual, contact the Swedish Patient Advisory Board or Patient Ombudsman in your home country, IVO (Inspection for Care and Care) and other supervisory bodies for any complaints.




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What can Kry do?


  • Can psychologists refer me to psychiatry/specialist care?

    At the moment we do not send referrals to psychiatry. In order for a referral to be made, all primary care levels need to be depleted. If you think you need a referral to a specialist, we recommend you to first contact the healthcare center where you are listed.

  • Can the psychologists at Kry prescribe medicine or write sick notes?

    Our psychologists cannot help you with questions concerning medication or sick leave. If you want help with this, please book an appointment with one of our doctor's.

  • What can a psychologist at Kry help out with?

    Via Kry, we offer video meetings with psychologists where we can help you to better understand your problems, as well as advise and support how to deal with things that today feel difficult.

    Kry cannot help out with:

    • Investigation of ADHD
    • Bipolar disease
    • Self injury behavior
    • Severe anxiety or depression that requires contact with psychiatry
  • Do you keep a medical record of my meetings with my psychologist?

    Yes, your meetings with your psychologist are noted in the EMR-system (electronic medical record system), just as regular meetings with psychologists are.

  • How does it work to meet a psychologist?
    1. Download the Kry-app
    2. Choose "Start a booking" 
    3. Choose the symptom that best suits your needs
    4. Answer the following questions about what you're seeking help for
    5. Now you can choose to book a meeting with a psychologist
    6. The session lasts for about 30 minutes
    7. You and your psychologist will then have a session focusing on solving the problems you have today. Your psychologist will give you concrete advice on things that you can do to make progress
    8. If you want to meet your psychologist again, you can book a revisit


  • What does it cost to see a psychologist?


    We calculate the patient fee you pay by looking at your registered address (folkbokföringsadress). What you pay to see a psychologist depends on your region:
    For up to date patient fees, please follow this link.

Laboratory tests

  • How do lab tests work?

    If your doctor has referred you for a lab test, you'll receive information in your Kry inbox detailing which laboratories you can visit. If you have received the referral to your Kry inbox you'll need to print it and take it to the laboratory.

    When your sample has been analysed, you'll be notified via the inbox in the Kry app. We'll let you know if you have a prescription waiting, the test results and whether you need to book a follow up or not. If there's need for a follow up, we'll include a link for you to do so.  








  • Can I receive a prescription for medication?


    As during any medical visit your doctor will evaluate your condition and assess what the best treatment for you is. If your doctor considers that you are in need of medication you will be given an e-prescription that can be collected at any pharmacy in Sweden. Kry's partner MEDS Pharmacy also offers home delivery service for your prescriptions.

    Prescription Renewal:

    In the Kry app under the Home tab, you will find our "Order Prescription Renewal" service. There you can ask for a prescription renewal without making a video call. 

    The condition for renewing a prescription is that the current medicine is included on the list of your prescriptions retrieved for the past 15 months. It’s important to be aware of that your rights for prescription renewal always is determined on individual basis, after assessment by the attending doctor. The doctor also assesses the amount of medicin that can be prescribed and if multiple withdrawal of the medicin is possible.

    Medicines for acute treatment, such as antibiotics, require a video meeting with one of our doctors at Kry and cannot be renewed by the "Prescription Renewal" feature in our app. Many medicines also require regular follow-up, hence we can only renew prescriptions for a shorter period of consumption. 

  • Can I get my prescription at any pharmacy?

    Yes, you can collect your prescription at any pharmacy in Sweden.

    It is also possible to order your medicine through our partnership with MEDS Pharmacy directly in the Kry app.

  • How do I see that I've received my prescription?

    When the doctor has prescribed your prescription a messages is sent to your inbox in the Kry-app. You can find your own and your childrens prescriptions under the Prescription tab in you Kry-app.

    If you cannot find the prescription, please contact support and we'll help you:

    Phone number: 08-22 77 07


Prescription renewal

  • Can I get a prescription renewal via Kry?


    Yes. In the Kry app, there is a ‘Prescription renewal’ option where you can make a request to renew a prescription. For some medications you will need to talk to a doctor by video call before making a renewal request.You cannot request a renewal for medication that was prescribed to you longer than 15 months ago.

    The prescribing doctor will determine your right to a prescription renewal on an individual basis. The doctor will assess how much of the medication they can prescribe, and if multiple withdrawals of the medication are possible.

    If you live in the Stockholm region, you need to register with Kry to request a prescription renewal. When we can see you in person at a Kry healthcare centre, we can sometimes renew medication classed as a narcotic. We cannot do this through the app.





Doctor's note

  • Can Kry write doctor's notes and medical certificates?

    Doctors at Kry can write medical certificates, it is up to each doctor to make an individual assessment of you as a patient.

    Doctors at Kry do not write sick notes for more than 14 days and are not able to issue these back in time (retroactively) but only from the same day you contact us. This generally applies to all healthcare providers, that you must have a contact or attempt to contact in order to issue a sick note.

  • Where do I get my sick note after the doctor's meeting?


    After your appointment with Kry you can login to 1177's page https://minaintyg.se/ to view your sick note. On this page you can easily send your sick note directly to Försäkringskassan and/or download as PDF if you want to print it for your personal use.

  • Can Kry write first day certificates?

    Our doctors can write medical certificates assuming that no physical examination is required for the certificate. It is up to each doctor to make an individual assessment of you as a patient.

    Generally speaking, you may be on sick-leave without a medical certificate for 7 calendar days. An employer may however, for special reasons, require a so-called first day certificate earlier than this (according to Law 1991: 1047 on sick pay, § 10 a). Special reasons may include e.g. repeated short periods of illness or justified reasons to suspect fraud.

    In order for an employer to request a first day certificate from their employee, there must be a written request. This written request for first day certificate must not exceed one year. The doctor may want to take part in this request from the employer, therefore it is advisable to have it available during the doctor's meeting.




  • Can I get a referral from Kry?

    Yes. If your doctor considers that you are in need of further care you will be referred to a specialist, just like a regular healthcare centre. However, there are some referrals we cannot do by video because you will need to have a physical examination. These are: 

    • X-rays (all kinds)
    • gastroscopies and colonoscopies
    • ultrasound
    • genetic inquiries

    In these cases, we will refer you to our healthcare centres in Stockholm, Lund, Malmö and Nyköping.

    The specialist will send you an appointment

    You’ll get a referral letter from the specialist, usually by post to your registered address. It will have information about your appointment. 

    You should get an appointment within 90 days

    According to the Swedish healthcare guarantee (vårdgaranti), you must be given an appointment within 90 days if the referral is accepted. In the Stockholm region, the healthcare guarantee is 30 days. The specialist who receives the referral will assess your medical need for care, which will determine how long you will have to wait for your appointment. Contact us if you have not received an appointment within 90 days (30 days in the Stockholm region).


Medical record

  • Will my meeting be documented in my medical record?

    Yes, just like a physical visit your meeting will be documented in your medical record in the record system that we use at Kry.

  • Can Kry see my previous medical records?

    Your doctor at Kry can view medical records from previous meetings via Kry and from other healthcare providers medical record systems that are affiliated with the National Patient Overview (NPÖ). All medical record systems are not connected, so the doctor cannot always see previous medical records.


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How to book, rebook and cancel appointment

Book a meeting

  • How do I book an appointment at Kry?
    1. Download the Kry app on your mobile device from either App Store, which requires iOS (v.13 or later) or Google Play, which requires iOS Android (v.6.0 or later).
    2. Click Sign in and identify yourself with your mobile BankID or BankID.
    3. If it's your first time using the app you need to register yourself as a user by entering a phone number and email address and accept the Terms of agreement
    4. Select Start a booking
    5. Select if you want to book an appointment for Myself or My child
    6. Select your symtom from the list.
    7. Fill out the symptom form. You also have the option to attach pictures.
    8. Select either Drop-in or Select a time.
    9. Confirm your meeting.

    Your meeting is now booked! We will call/contact you through the Kry app when it's your time, so be sure to stay logged in before the meeting.

    Keep in mind that you can only use your own mobile BankID or BankID in order to use the app for yourself or your child who doesn't have a BankID. It is not possible to book a meeting for someone else since Kry requires that every patient can identify themselves through BankID. 

  • How do I book an appointment for my child?

    To book an appointment for your child between the age of 0-17 years, log in to the Kry app by signing up with your own BankID and then choose Start a booking. Click Add child, thereafter you choose for whom you want to book the appointment and select the child

    Children must be present during the appointment, just like any other appointment at a physical healthcare center.

    Children who are 16 years old can identify themselves with BankID at Kry.

  • How do I book a revisit?

    Via Kry you can book a revisit to the doctor, nurse or psychologist you've met before.

    To do this, you need to login to the Kry app and click My profil, choose Cases. There you can click on the Book follow-up appointment tab.


  • Can I use Kry in a different time zone?

    When you are not in the same time zone as Sweden and you make an appointment with Kry, we display the appointment times in the current time zone you are in.

Reschedule, cancel a meeting and waiting time

  • How long is the waiting time at Kry?
    The waiting time for a drop-in meeting at Kry may vary, but usually does not exceed 15 minutes. There are usually longer waiting times in the morning and in the afternoon, and somewhat shorter waiting time in the middle of the day.
  • How do I cancel or reschedule my meeting?


    You can cancel or reschedule appointments in the app. Go to Home, or go to My profile and choose Cases.


    Video appointments with a doctor or nurse

    You can cancel or reschedule up to 15 minutes before your appointment starts. 


    Video appointments with a psychologist

    You can cancel or reschedule up to 2 hours before your appointment starts.


    Appointments at a healthcare centre

    You can not reschedule these appointments, but you can cancel them up to 24 hours before your appointment starts. 


    Call us at 08-22 77 07 if you have any questions about your appointment.



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Sleeping disorders

  • Find out what you can do yourself to improve your condition, when to seek treatment and how Kry may be of help.


    You can turn to Kry for advice and help with various medical issues. We will make an individual assessment based on your symptoms, or your child’s symptoms, and the information given during the care meeting. As a result, you may be prescribed treatment or referred for further care.


    Please note that if you are calling on behalf of your child, the child will need to be present during the care meeting. You can only book an appointment if you are the child’s legal guardian.

    Read more (Swedish only) :https://www.kry.se/fakta/

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Shared electronic health records system

Shared electronic health records system

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Information security

Information security

  • What is GDPR?

    1. What is the GDPR and what does this mean for me?

    GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which is a new, European-wide law that regulates how companies and organisations are allowed to handle the personal data of EU-residents. The GDPR comes into effect on 25 May 2018.  

    Don’t you worry, this will not affect your use of KRYs services - your account with Kry will work just as usual! However, you are given the right to influence how your personal data is used. Your rights are described in detail in our integrity policy.

    2. What is meant by “personal data”?

    Personal data is any information relating to an identifiable individual. It can identify you as an individual directly or indirectly (i.e. in combination with other information) and  can include name, identification number, location data, or other factors specific to the physical, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of the person.

    3. How does Kry handle my personal data? What type of security do you have?

    Our goal is to always provide you with high quality healthcare and in order for us to do so, we collect personal data from you, as described above. Access to your data is restricted to the people providing you with the healthcare, or as part of our ongoing quality assurance and product development. We safeguard your personal data and here at KRY wee constantly work with assuring the security of our systems. We do this by utilizing a combination of in-house experts, automatic and manual testing and regular audits by independent third parties.

    4. What kind of personal data does Kry handle about me?

    We handle basic contact details, such as name, address, personal identification number and phone number. We also process medical data, submitted by you, and retrieved from other caregivers with your consent.

    5. So, where do you store my personal data?

    KRY store the majority of the personal data in our purpose built secure system. This system is hosted on servers provided by a third party that acts as data processor to us, located within the EU (primarily on Ireland).

    6. Does this mean you send my data outside of Sweden or / the EU?

    We do not store any of your sensitive personal data (such as data relating to your health) outside of the EU. Occasionally, some of your personal data might be processed by our partners outside of EU. If personal data is transferred to our partners outside of the EU, such transfer will only be conducted on the condition that the transfer is legal under applicable data protection laws.

    7. For how long do you store my personal data?

    When it comes to medical personal data, there are patient safety legislations that requires us to keep medical records for a certain period of time.

    Non-medical personal data will only be kept as long as necessary in order for us to provide the services in a satisfactory manner to you, in accordance with the GDPR, and other applicable legislation.

    8. I would like to be “forgotten” and that you remove all my personal data from your systems. How do I go about it, how is this done and how long will it actually take?

    When you are a patient, then most of your personal data processed by us is of medical character. In accordance with patient safety legislation medical records must be kept for a certain period of time, in accordance with applicable national legislation, and the right to be forgotten is not covered by that legislation.

    However, when it comes to other personal data such as data provided when you signed into the KRY app (excluding any personal data that we are under an obligation to store under mandatory law, relating to your health), you are always free to contact our support function at privacy@kry.se and we will assist you with your requests.

    If you request to be forgotten, non-medical data will be removed from our systems as quickly as possible but no later than within thirty (30) days as of your request. We will notify you in writing and confirm which personal data has been erased and as per which date.

    9. If I have further questions regarding personal data processing by KRY, who should I contact?

    You are always welcome to contact us at privacy@kry.se. We will do our best to contact and assist you with your query within short.

  • Is it secure?

    All information at Kry is heavily encrypted. Your identity is verified using BankID and your nurse, psychologist and/or doctor's identity is verified using the SITHS-card.

  • How is my information stored?

    All information concerning appointments and medical records is subject to strict confidentiality in accordance with national legal frameworks. Video meetings are not recorded and therefore not documented in any way aside from your updated medical chart as in an ordinary visit to a doctor/psychologist/nurse.

  • Who is able to see my symptom description?

    Only treating healthcare providers have access to your symptom description. Before the meeting, your healthcare provider will review the symptom description you provided in connection with your booking to prepare your meeting.


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Technical questions

Technical questions

  • How do I unsubscribe from Kry?

    If you no longer want to receive emails from Kry to your email address, click on the link at the bottom of the email where it says unsubscribe.

    If you wish to be unsubscribed as a user of the Kry app log into your Kry app go to My profil click on the gear, choose Delete my account and user data and then click Request account deletion.

    If you have an urgent request or need help please contact us by phone.

    Phone: 08-22 77 07



  • What technical support do I need to use Kry?

    Kry's app is available on iOS (v.13 or later) and Android (v.6.0 or later).

    You also need a Swedish personal identity number, Mobile BankID to log in and good internet connection.


  • The Kry app does not work, what do I do?

    If you can't seem to log in to your Kry app or the app doesn't seem to work as it should, there are a number of things you can try yourself.

    1. Verify that your operating system on your phone / tablet is supported by Kry's app, iOS (v.13 or later) or Android (v.6.0 or later).

    2. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Also, if you don't use wifi, make sure you allow the KRY app to use mobile data.

    3. You can also try to update the Kry app in via App Store or Google Play, and restart the app.

    If the problems remains, please contact Kry Support for further assistance. Kry Support is open from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. on weekdays, closed on holidays.

    Phone number: 08-22 77 07

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