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Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions that come in to Krys support

Can I get a prescription renewal via Kry?


Yes. In the Kry app, there is a ‘Renew a prescription’ option where you can make a request to renew a prescription. For some medications you will need to talk to a doctor by video call before making a renewal request. You can not  request a renewal for medication that was prescribed to you longer than 15 months ago.

The prescribing doctor will determine your right to a prescription renewal on an individual basis. The doctor will assess how much of the medication they can prescribe, and if multiple withdrawals of the medication are possible.

If you live in the Stockholm region, you need to register with Kry to request a prescription renewal. When we can see you in person at a Kry healthcare clinic, we can sometimes renew medication classed as a narcotic. We can not do this through the app.