• Can Kry write doctor's notes and medical certificates?

    Doctors at Kry can write medical certificates, it is up to each doctor to make an individual assessment of you as a patient.

    Doctors at Kry do not write sick notes for more than 14 days and are not able to issue these back in time (retroactively) but only from the same day you contact us. This generally applies to all healthcare providers, that you must have a contact or attempt to contact in order to issue a sick note.

  • Where can I find my doctor certificate?


    You can find your doctor certificate at 1177.se under the heading ''Certificate''. Here you can download your certificate as a pdf-file from the website or send it straight to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan).

  • Where can I find my VAB Certificate or Free Certificate ?

    You will find your VAB/free certificate  in Kry App's inbox as an attached pdf file, you can easily download it to your device. You are responsible for forwarding this to the recipient concerned.

  • Can Kry write first day certificates?

    Our doctors at Kry cannot write first-day certificates in the digital service, as this is an agreement between you as an employee and your employer. Therefore, talk to your employer about how to do it.