• Can psychologists refer me to psychiatry/specialist care?

    At the moment we do not send referrals to psychiatry. In order for a referral to be made, all primary care levels need to be depleted. If you think you need a referral to a specialist, we recommend you to first contact the healthcare center where you are listed.

  • Can the psychologists at Kry prescribe medicine or write sick notes?

    Our psychologists cannot help you with questions concerning medication or sick leave. If you want help with this, please book an appointment with one of our doctor's.

  • What can a psychologist at Kry help out with?

    Via Kry, we offer video meetings with psychologists where we can help you to better understand your problems, as well as advise and support how to deal with things that today feel difficult.

    Kry cannot help out with:

    • Investigation of ADHD
    • Bipolar disease
    • Self injury behavior
    • Severe anxiety or depression that requires contact with psychiatry
  • Do you keep a medical record of my meetings with my psychologist?

    Yes, your meetings with your psychologist are noted in the EMR-system (electronic medical record system), just as regular meetings with psychologists are.

  • How does it work to meet a psychologist?
    1. Download the Kry-app
    2. Choose "Book Psychologist" 
    3. Answer the following questions about what you're seeking help for
    4. Now you can choose to book a meeting with a psychologist
    5. The session lasts for about 30 minutes
    6. You and your psychologist will then have a session focusing on solving the problematic issuses you have today. Your psychologist will give you concrete advice on things that you can do to make progress
    7. If you want to meet your psychologist again, you can book a revisit


  • What does it cost to see a psychologist?


    For patients seeking psychology care the patient fee is based on region:
    • 0 SEK for patients that have a digital meeting with a psychologist
    • 200 SEK for patients that are listed at KRY and have a physical meeting with a psychologist on a KRY vårdcentral
    • 0 SEK for all patients
    Other regions:
    • 18-84 years: 100 SEK
    • 0-17 years: 0 SEK
    • 85+ years: 0 SEK
    Free card is valid, which means 0 SEK in patient fee for all psychology patients with free card, including patients registered in other regions than Skåne and Sörmland.