• From when will my medical records be available?

    Your medical records will be available for consultations that take place from 14 December 2020.

  • Do my medical records contain information about medicines?

    No, Kry doesn't share information about medication through the e-service "Journal" at 1177.se. E-prescriptions printed in Sweden, including those written by doctors at Kry, are saved in the "National drug list list". This means that the prescriptions are available there for other healthcare providers after consent has been obtained. Read more about this at https://lakemedelskollen.ehalsomyndigheten.se/lmkoll-web

  • Do the rules about the shared electronic health records system apply if I am abroad?

    No, the shared electronic health records system only applies in Sweden.

  • Can anyone else give consent to view my medical record information instead of me?

    No, only you, as the patient, can give your consent.

  • Can I block my child’s information?

    No, you cannot block information about your children. Older children can block their information themselves

  • What about IT security?

    The Patient Data Act and associated regulations have special provisions regarding the allocation of permissions and access control. The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection is the supervisory authority, and is responsible for ensuring that these provisions are followed by all healthcare providers that are part of the shared electronic health records system.

  • Why was the shared electronic health records system introduced?

    The shared electronic health records system was introduced to strengthen patient privacy, safety and security. The shared electronic health records system enables healthcare professionals to get the full picture of your previous healthcare issues in a simpler, faster and more secure manner. This means that they can give you safe, quality care faster.

  • One patient – one medical record?

    No, you still have different medical records at different care providers. The shared electronic health records system enables different healthcare providers to access each other’s information. You are not included in the shared electronic health records system until you, as a patient, consent to this.

  • Can I read my own medical records?

    Yes, it will be available through the e-service “Journalen” at 1177.se. You can read more about this at 1177.se.

  • Are my medical records stored on the internet?

    No, all medical record information is stored in the healthcare providers’ local medical records systems.

  • I do not want to be part of the electronic medical records system. What should I do?

    You have the right to opt out of the shared electronic health records system. Call us at 08-227707 and we’ll be happy to help you. 

    Remember that other healthcare providers cannot see your information if you are not part of the shared electronic health records system.

  • What happens if I lose consciousness?

    Healthcare professionals can request emergency opening of your medical records if you lose consciousness. If this happens, the healthcare professional can access your information without first obtaining your consent. However, this does not apply to information that is blocked at a different healthcare provider. Call Kry’s support at 08-227707 if you would like to put a block on information at Kry.

  • Are there any disadvantages to blocking my medical records?

    If you choose to block your medical records, it could prevent healthcare professionals from making a complete assessment of your state of health. In this case, you are responsible for giving the healthcare professionals the information they need to know. This is particularly important if you have severe allergies or other serious medical conditions.

  • What happens if I block my data in my patient record?

    When you block information in your patient record, staff outside the care unit to which the block refers cannot read the blocked information. It appears in the consolidated record keeping that there are blocked data, but you decide for yourself whether you want to allow the healthcare staff to see the blocked data.
    At 1177.se, you can read more about blocking information in your patient record.

  • Can I block my information?

    Yes, you can decide whether all or some of your medical record information should be blocked from the shared electronic health records system. You also decide if and when a block should be removed.

  • What checks are performed to make sure my privacy is protected?

    It is possible to go back and track who accessed a medical record using logs. Each healthcare provider performs a systematic follow-up of logs. As a patient, you have a right to access the logs related to your medical records.

  • Who can see my information?

    The electronic health records system can be accessed by healthcare professionals who have authenticated their identity. Healthcare professionals can see the medical records in two situations: if they need the information to give you safe, quality care, or to issue certificates. Healthcare professionals must have a patient relationship with you, and have your consent to be able to view the information.