About Kry

  • How does Kry work?

    At Kry, we work to be able to offer all patients equal access to high-quality care - regardless of who you are, where you live or what time of day it is. Our licensed doctors, psychologists and nurses help you in the app around the clock and at our health centers around the country.

  • How do I log in and out of the Kry app?

    Log in:

    1. Download the Kry app on your mobile device from either App Store or Google Play.
    2. Click Sign in and identify yourself with your Mobile BankID.
    3. If it's your first time using the app you need to register yourself as a user by entering a phone number and email address and accept the Terms of Service

    Keep in mind that you can only use your own Mobile BankID in order to use the app for yourself or your child who doesn't have a Mobile BankID. It is not possible to book a meeting for someone else since Kry requires that every patient can identify themselves through Mobile BankID.

    Log out:

    1. Click on the gear in the upper left corner of the Kry app.
    2. Select Sign out at the bottom of the menu.

  • Registering with a healthcare clinic – what does it mean?

    You can choose to register at a healthcare clinic, sometimes referred to as “att lista sig” in Swedish. This means you have a main healthcare centre that can handle all your primary healthcare needs. It is free to register and you do not have to be registered anywhere.

    As a registered patient at a specific healthcare clinic, you always have the right to seek care at any healthcare clinic in Sweden. You should always seek care first at your registered healthcare clinic. 

    You can only be registered at one healthcare clinic. If you decide to register with Kry, you will be automatically deregistered from any healthcare clinic you are currently registered at. If you are currently in a queue to register at another healthcare clinic, you will lose your place in this queue.

    You can change your healthcare clinic at any time. If a healthcare clinic has a full list, they can not register more patients. This means that you might have to queue if you want to change back to your old healthcare clinic.

    Learn more about registering.

  • Who are the doctors, psychologists and nursers that work at Kry?

    At Kry you can come in contact with licensed medical doctors, psychologists and nursers. All of Kry's doctors have at least 6 months experience from physical primary care. Many of Kry’s doctors are also specialists within paediatrics, emergency medicine, and otolaryngology. All Kry’s medical staff are controlled by the health authorities.

  • Opening hours


    Kry is open 24 hours

    7 days a week

  • How is Kry different from the health advice and information service 1177?

    At Kry you can meet a doctor who can prescribe further treatment. A doctor's appointment at Kry is therefore equivalent to a regular doctor's appointment, provided that the condition can be diagnosed without physical examination.

    The health advice and information service 1177 is staffed by nurses who can provide healthcare related guidance, but who cannot prescribe further treatment. Kry therefore offers an alternative to a physical doctor's appointment by providing the possibility to meet a doctor quick and easily through an online video meeting.

When can Kry be used?

  • Is Kry digital service a suitable healthcare provider for all medical problems?

    No, our digital service is not always a suitable healthcare provider if: 

    • You have a symptom / disorder that requires physical examination, some type of sampling or x-ray
    • You are in need of drug-based medicine. These are not prescribed via Kry.
    • You are in need of medicines containing pregabalin (Lyrica) or gabapentin (Neurontin)
    • You want to start treatment that requires long-term and regular medical contact
    • You are in need of a sick leave that may last for a long time. Kry cannot issue sick leaves longer than 14 days. The 14 days count from the first sick day, i.e. you have already been home for a week, Kry can maximally help you with 7 days sick leave.

    For cases above we recommend you to book a time and visit a physical Healthcare clinic.

    In case of emergency, call 112 and visit an emergency room.

    We have Healthcare clinics in several places in Sweden. For more information about our Healthcare clinics, follow this link.

  • Can I use Kry abroad or in different Swedish locations?

    Yes. As long as you have a BankID, a smartphone or tablet with good internet connection, a functioning camera, microphone and speaker, you can consult your doctor in Sweden via Kry from anywhere in the world.


  • Can I book a meeting on behalf of my child?

    Yes. To book an appointment for your child, log in to the Kry-app by signing up with your own BankID. Select either drop-in or select a time that suits you. You will now get the question "for whom you want to book the time", choose "My Child".

    Children who are 16 years old can identify themselves with BankID at Kry.

    Children must be present during the appointment, just like any other appointment at a physical healthcare clinics.

Cost and payment

  • When do I receive my invoice?

    You can pay for your care meeting with an invoice, via our partner Billogram. Your invoice is sent digitally via email and to your Kry inbox within a week after your care meeting, and then after 7 days by text message if you have not opened the invoice link by email. If we have not reached you via email / sms, your invoice will be sent by post to your address where you are registered.

  • Why did I receive an invoice from Billogram?

    Billogram is an invoicing service that we use to create and send invoices for appointments with a patient fee:

    • that remain unpaid
    • that a patient chooses to pay for by invoice

    Your invoice is sent digitally via email and to your Kry inbox within a week after your meeting, after 7 days you will get a text message if you have not opened the invoice link by email. If we have not received your payment you will get a paper invoice sent by post to your address where you are registered.

  • How can I pay my Billogram invoice?

    Billogram invoices can either be paid with Swish, direct bank transfer, or using OCR numbers like on a regular paper invoice.

  • I’ve paid too much on an invoice. What happens now?

    Sometimes, an incorrect amount may be paid. 


    This can happen:

    • when you reach your free card (frikort) limit
    • when an invoice has been paid for 2 times by mistake


    If this happens, please contact our support team. They will ask you for your bank account details and send you a manual refund of the amount you are owed.

  • I’ve found an error on an invoice that I have not paid yet. What should I do?

    Please contact our support team before paying. We will adjust the amount or credit the invoice to you.


  • Have I paid my Billogram invoice?

    You can always click on the link to the invoice in your Kry Inbox to see the payment status on your invoice.

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Kry Support

  • Contact information for Kry Support
    Our phone support is open weekdays between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Phone number: 08-22 77 07


  • Questions about or seeking medical advice

    Unfortunately, Kry support can not provide general information about health, diseases or give medical advice.

    For medical questions and advice we recommend you to download the Kry app and book a meeting.

    See the full list of symptoms that Kry can help you with here.

  • Who should I contact for possbile complaints?

    If you are not satisfied with the care you received or are dissatisfied with the response, we would like you to share your views. Turn to us directly at Kry, by calling to Kry Support, so that we can help you in the best possible way.

    Kry Support is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, closed on holidays. 
    Phone number: 08-22 77 07

    The care at Kry is governed by the same regulations as all healthcare providers in Sweden. As a result, you can also, as usual, contact the Swedish Patient Advisory Board or Patient Ombudsman in your home country, IVO (Inspection for Care and Care) and other supervisory bodies for any complaints.